Fenton Chiropractic Care Treats Auto Accident and Personal Injury Pain

Whether you are the victim or a car accident or personal injury, an injury to your musculoskeletal system can cause serious trauma and chronic pain. If you struggle with back pain, neck pain or headaches, Fenton chiropractic care can naturally relieve your pain. Our chiropractor, Dr. Margaret Freihaut, has been helping patients recover from accident injury since 1979. Her gentle, hands-on adjustments restore alignment to the musculoskeletal system, relieving back and neck pain, migraines and more. Even better, our Fenton chiropractor only uses non-invasive treatments – and never relies on medication to “cover up” pain.

Fenton Chiropractor Helps Patients Manage Back Pain, Headaches, Neck Pain and Migraines

One of the most common complaints, following a car accident, is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the force of impact abruptly jerks the neck forwards and backwards, “whipping” the cervical spine. This unnatural and sudden movement can severely damage the cervical spine, causing headaches and neck pain. Gentle, hands-on treatment can restore alignment to the cervical spine while reducing pain and promoting a full range of motion and movement.

An injury to the lower back may also cause intense shooting or radiating pain in the back, legs and buttocks. Eight out of every ten Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Whether the pain is due to a herniated disc, natural wear and tear over time or simply lifting a heavy box the wrong way, back pain can become a serious and debilitating condition. Back pain is often caused by a disc in the vertebrae compressing a nearby nerve. Sciatica, for example, occurs when a herniated or slipped disc compresses the sciatic nerve in the lower back. Adjustments are a safe, non-invasive treatment that can help correct the disc’s alignment so that it is no longer pressing upon a nerve.

Fenton chiropractic patients choose our wellness center because they are frustrated with ineffective treatments for pain. Dr. Freihaut shares these frustrations on a deep, personal level. As a teenager, an auto accident left Dr. Freihaut struggling with neck pain and chronic headaches. When medical care failed to help relieve this pain, Dr. Freihaut turned to chiropractic. These treatments helped to restore Dr. Freihaut’s health, and she has since dedicated her life to helping everyone from children to adults find natural, lasting pain relief.

In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Freihaut is also certified to provide acupuncture as a treatment for natural pain relief. During an acupuncture treatment session, thin needles are placed in pressure points throughout the body. The needles stimulate the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles and soft tissues, promoting healing from within and helping to reduce inflammation. This relieves pain and is an important complement to spinal adjustments. Many patients find that a combination of acupuncture with other treatment methods can help injuries heal faster while quickly relieving pain.

Led by Dr. Freihaut, our wellness team is committed to not only helping patients heal, following an auto accident or personal injury, but they are also dedicated to ensuring that they achieve an optimal state of well-being. Our whole body care includes chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, allergy and hormone testing and more.

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