Wellness through Chiropractic Care

The best pain or illness is the one you never have to experience, and the right wellness program can help you and your loved ones stay as ailment-free as possible. Many of us take occasional random actions, when we think of them, to keep ourselves from getting sick. We might buy the odd bottle of multivitamins, go to sleep a little earlier than usual or throw down an extra helping of spinach now and then. More often, though, we think of our health only when a virus, injury or other issue makes it unavoidable. If you want to stay healthy or reach a new level of health, you need a preventative and proactive plan from an experienced Fenton wellness provider — and we, at Fenton Family Chiropractic, could be just what the doctor ordered.

Wellness is a holistic approach to preventative health.

Everything we do for our bodies, from exercise and good sleep to intelligent dietary and lifestyle choice, works together to support optimum health, 24 hours a day. But, too many of us simply never bother to pursue the weight loss program, nutritional advice or other help we need. We have become a nation of patients, which places a huge burden on the healthcare system as well as on our own wallets and families. Through wellness, you have a golden opportunity to sidestep that nightmare and protect the ones you love against chronic back pain, neck pain, headaches and many other health problems.

Chiropractor Can Help With A Wellness Approach

Our Fenton chiropractor, Dr. Freihaut can correct subtle misalignments in the spine or joints so nerve signals can travel more freely throughout the body. Not only do these adjustments frequently relieve back pain, neck pain, headaches and other agonizing problems, but it can also actually resolve many conditions you might never associate with chiropractic wellness treatment. Improved nerve and spinal function from such treatment can help with everything from allergies and asthma to reproductive problems. When your body can communicate with itself correctly, it can heal itself correctly and keep itself well. Our Fenton chiropractor helps restore those communication lines.

A strong wellness program includes both regular adjustments and all the other factors that keep your body healthy as well. At our Fenton facility, we offer dietary and nutritional support (including the HCG weight loss program), acupuncture, orthotics, allergy and hormone tests that all work hand-in-hand with our Fenton chiropractic services. We also perform detailed functional assessments to help us devise personalized exercise and fitness programs that meet each patient’s individual needs. Best of all, our gentle adjustments, acupuncture sessions and other services can benefit anyone of any age–even children. We treat entire families and counsel them on how to enjoy healthier, happier lives through wellness.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or you wish to spare your loved ones from that fate, contact our Fenton chiropracticoffice today and let our chiropractor put you on the path to lifelong wellness. Call us at (636) 305-3400 today.